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Robert Medina

Robert Medina

Director - Events and Partnerships

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Biography of Robert Medina

Robert Medina is a seasoned professional with a rich background in leadership and operations, having made significant contributions to major corporations such as American Airlines, AT&T, and American Express. His journey led him to Latin America, where he played a pivotal role in breaking up a telecom monopoly, fostering a nationwide, equally competitive market, and propelling the region into a telecommunications powerhouse.


Rooted in family businesses within the steel industry, Robert's experience ranges from managing and growing a steel mill in Southern California to overseeing shops handling civilian and military applications, including intriguing encounters with Lockheed Martin Skunkworks.


With a dedicated involvement in the Steel, Garage Door, and Controlled Access industry, Robert has left an indelible mark, notably at Titan Home Products. There, he disrupted the industry by introducing high-quality products under an innovative pricing strategy, impacting wholesalers, distribution centers, and customers alike with substantial cost savings.


Beyond the boardroom, Robert is a martial arts enthusiast holding black belts in two styles. He shares his expertise by teaching elite law enforcement individuals and occasionally assisting in his home school. An avid fisherman, he engages in both recreational and competitive fishing, from fly fishing in the upper Midwest to bass fishing in California and ocean fishing for pelagics.


As a single father of four boys, all thriving in their own right, Robert brings a unique perspective to his philanthropic work. His dedication to raising funds for improving conditions in villages across Mexico and South America is matched by his passion for organizing cancer walks, developing fundraisers for elite baseball teams, and creating donation groups for disadvantaged communities along the San Diego border.


Robert's commitment to philanthropy aligns seamlessly with his decision to join the Vertical Lift Outreach (VLO). Drawn to the VLO by a lifelong dedication to charitable endeavors, he envisions leveraging his vast experiences to expand the organization's reach. His goal is not only to increase donor participation but also to provide assistance to those within the industry facing challenges. Robert sees the VLO as a platform where his cumulative experiences, combined with those of other board members, can make a meaningful impact on both the organization and the industry it serves.


In joining the VLO, Robert Medina brings a polished and seasoned approach, ensuring that his extensive background will be instrumental in furthering the organization's mission to support industry members in need.

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