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Selena Belvin

Selena Belvin

Director - Community Engagement

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Biography of Selena Belvin

Norman, Oklahoma, is the home of Top Quality Doors, and it's where Selena and her husband, Kelly, have transformed the business into an emblem of quality and exceptional service. Selena's formidable expertise in administration, leadership, and training became the driving force behind Top Quality Doors. It is not merely about selling garage doors and gate operators; it is about delivering solutions that enrich security, convenience, and aesthetics for their valued clients. Under the Belvins' stewardship, Top Quality Doors has transcended the realm of a business; it has become a trusted name, synonymous with reliability and excellence.

Selena's journey didn't stop at business success. Her influence extends far beyond the walls of Top Quality Doors. She is channeling her abilities to forge connections and lead with grace to bring change to the industry. Her dedication to effecting positive change is exemplified by her role on the Garage Door U Leadership Team. Here, she isn’t merely advocating for excellence; she is playing an active part in shaping the future of the industry, ensuring it evolves in ways that benefits all members of the industry.

Notably, Selena also serves as a member of the IDA Education Committee, further underlining her commitment to advancing knowledge and standards within her industry. Her Executive Leadership role within her BNI Chapter exemplifies her dedication to cultivating meaningful professional relationships that transcend geographical boundaries.

Selena's commitment to effecting positive change doesn't stop at professional success. Her philanthropic endeavors are equally awe-inspiring. She dedicates extensive time and effort to the local non-profit, Hands Helping Paws, where her hands-on involvement directly impacts those in need within her community.

In Selena Belvin, we encounter a rare amalgamation of professionalism, empathy, and leadership. Her life's work underscores the idea that success transcends financial gains; it resides in the positive influence we exert on others. Selena's narrative is a poignant reminder that with determination and an authentic desire to make a difference, anyone can leave an indelible mark on their industry and community. She is not just a co-owner of a business; she is the embodiment of leadership and philanthropy.

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